The Construction ERP, is most powerful solution evolved under the guidance of experts in the construction industry. The solution covers entire life cycle of a construction project from planning through handover.

The solution seamlessly integrates from BOQ till Delivery and produce MIS reports depicting time and money.

Features of Construction ERP

  • Web based solution
  • Integrates all functionalities into single application to give birds-eye-view of project at any time
  • Based on best business practices and processes
  • Versatile and scalable
  • Low cost of activation and ownership
  • Versatile and scalable
  • Evolved and Enhanced on a continual basis in line with User requirements, industry trends

The major modules includes

  • Project Planning
  • Project estimation
  • Project Monitoring & Control
  • Procurement Management
  • Sub-contractor Management
  • Inventory & Stores Management
  • Document Management
  • Accounts payable
  • Customer Relationship Management