Learning Management SystemMost of the educational institutions choose traditional ways like giving advertisements in newspaper,  inviting applications through post and doing manual screening of applications and essential documents.  If the educational institutions can simplify the process of new admission the entering point of the prospective student will become easier and this will lead to attracting more students. By choosing an easier Educational ERP Solution, manual processes can be eliminated and staff time can be reduced.

The following things should be considered while automating the admission process.

The first thing to be looked in an Educational ERP solution is whether it is standardized or not.  The admission process across various levels in an educational institution like preschool, primary school and high school etc need to be standardized in order to function properly. If there are different procedures for students and parents across these levels there are chances of both students and parents getting disappointed during the time consuming process.

Adoption of Technology
Doing automation for the admission through Educational ERP Solution will make the process simple and cost saving. In such cases students and parents need not stand in queue to fill out form and everything can be done online including the uploading of documents in a paperless way. The fee also can be paid online through Educational ERP Solutions easily.

Training People
For maximizing the benefit or Educational ERP the technology should be used in an appropriate way giving insight to the people who uses it. The users of the system should have thorough knowledge about the part that is effective for them. Giving training to the end user can be integrated smoothly with the policies of the institution.